Purpose, Venue, and Organization
The aim of the PHILOS Colloquium is to consolidate and further develop ongoing efforts to advance a philosophical approach to organization studies. The aim is not to contribute to philosophy itself, but to advance a more philosophically oriented organization studies that will pursue both critique and new conceptual advancements in the field. 
We invite papers from researchers who, drawing from any philosophy, wish to critique and/or further develop current understandings about any organizational topic or type of theorizing in organization studies. The intention is for the Colloquium to be as broad as possible, not to favour any particular philosophical perspective or theme.   
PHILOS is affiliated with the International Symposium on Process Organization Studies (PROS). It aims to be an annual event that will take place in the same week and at the same venue as PROS.

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Registration Information for PHILOS

Conference registration for PROS & PHILOS can be accessed here:

Conference fees are as follows:

Early Bird Fee (until – inclusive of July 31 2021)

PHILOS Student: 60€, PHILOS Full: 100 €

PROS Student: 85€, PROS Full: 150€

Both Conferences:  Student: 100, Full: 200


Late Fee (as of August 1st 2021)

PHILOS Student: 110€, PHILOS Full: 150 €

PROS Student: 135€, PROS Full: 200€

Both Conferences: Student: 150, Full: 250


  • We will take care to schedule sessions at times that will suit the maximum number of people in all continents.

  • The Symposium will take place via Zoom. Technical details will be announced nearer the time.

  • If you already know that you can’t attend the online conference please let us know ASAP.

  • Please make sure you indicate your paper’s unique number e.g. PROS-345 or PHILOS-137 during registration – if you are attending with more than one papers please write a note, in the “additional notes” box. 

  • The final deadline for authors to register is the 12th of August 2021.