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The Organization Studies Workshop is an annual activity, originally launched in June 2005, to facilitate high-quality scholarship in organization studies. Its primary aim is to advance cutting-edge research on important topics in the field by bringing together a small and competitively selected group of scholars, who will have the opportunity to interact in depth and share insights in a stimulating and scenic environment. 

7th OS Workshop

Organizations as Spaces of Work

24-26 May 2012, Elysium Hotel, Rhodes, Greece



Rick Delbridge, Cardiff Business School

Jeff Sallaz, University of Arizona,

Ofer Sharone, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Keynote Speakers:

Steven Vallas, Northeastern University

Ruth Milkman, The Joseph S. Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies


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8th OS Workshop
Organization Studies and the Day to Day Life of Cultures and Communities
23-25 May 2013, Saint John Hotel, Mykonos, Greece
John Weeks, IMD
Galit Ailon, Bar-Ilan University
Mary Yoko Brannen, University of Victoria and INSEAD
Keynote Speakers:
Gary Alan Fine, Northwestern University, USA
Gideon Kunda, Tel-Aviv University, Israel 

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9th OS Workshop
Resistance, resisting, and resisters in and around organizations
22-24 May 2014,Corfu Holiday Palace, Corfu, Greece



Ignasi Martí, EMLYON Business School, OCE Research Center

Dennis K Mumby, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

David Seidl, University of Zurich

Robyn Thomas, Cardiff Business School


Keynote Speakers

Karen L. Ashcraft, University of Colorado Boulder

David Courpasson, EM LYON Business School


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10th OS Workshop
Organizational Creativity, Play and Entrepreneurship
21-23 May 2015, Chania, Crete, Greece



Daniel Hjorth, Copenhagen Business School, Politics and Philosophy
Antonio Strati, University of Trento, Organizational Learning and Aesthetics
Elke Weik, University of Leicester, School of Management


Keynote Speakers

Chris Steyaert, St Gallen University
Anna Scalfi Eghenter,


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mykonos 4.jpg
11th OS Workshop

Spirituality, Symbolism, and Storytelling

19-21 May 2016, Mykonos, Greece


Marianna Fotaki, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick

Yochanan Altman,  Middlesex University Business School

Juliette Koning, Business School, Oxford Brookes University


Keynote Speakers

Metropolitan Gabriel of Nea Ionia and Philadelphia (Church of Greece)

Ann Jordan, Professor of Anthropology, University of N. Texas, USA

Monika Kostera, Professor of Management, Jagiellonian U.,  Poland​


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12th OS Workshop

Food Organizing Matters: Paradoxes, Problems and Potentialities
18-20 May 2017, Chania, Crete, Greece


Grégoire Croidieu (GEM, France)
Frank den Hond (Hanken, Finland & VU, Netherlands)
Christine Moser (VU, Netherlands)
Juliane Reinecke (WBS, UK)
Silviya Svejenova (CBS, Denmark & BI, Norway)

Keynote Speakers
​Zack Denfeld, Artist, Designer and Co-Founder – together with Cathrine Kramer – of the Center for Genomic Gastronomy, Dublin


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13th OS Workshop

Responding to Displacement, Disruption, and Division:
Organizing for Social and Institutional Change

24-26 May 2018, Samos, Greece


W.E. Douglas Creed, University of Rhode Island, USA & University of Melbourne, Australia
Barbara Gray , Pennsylvania State University, USA
Charlotte M. Karam, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Markus A. Höllerer, WU Vienna, Austria & UNSW Sydney, Australia
Trish Reay, University of Alberta, Canada


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14th OS Workshop

Technology and organization
23-25 May 2019, Mykonos, Greece



Timon Beyes, Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany 
JJean Clarke, EM. Lyon, France
Mikkel Flyverbom, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark 
Robin Holt, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Keynote Speakers
​Xenophon Moussas, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Wendy Chun, Simon Fraser University, Canada

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15th OS Workshop

Organizing Sustainably: Actors, Institutions, and Practices

20-23 May 2020, Online


Rick Delbridge, Cardiff University, Wales
Markus Helfen, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Andi Pekarek, Melbourne University, Australia
Elke Schuessler, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
Charlene Zietsma, Pennsylvania State University, USA 


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16th OS Workshop

Dialogic organizing: Affirming public engagement for hope and solidarity

19-21 May 2022, Chania, Greece


Daniel Hjorth, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, and Nottingham Business School, UK

Maddy Janssens, KU Leuven, Belgium

Marjana Johansson, University of Glasgow, UK

Chris Steyaert, University St. Gallen, Switzerland

Sheena Vachhani, University of Bristol, UK

Keynote Speakers

Karen Dale, Lancaster University

Kate Kenny, NUI Galway

Seppe Baeyens (Choreographer)  &  Chisom Onyebueke Chinaedu (Artist)  

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