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•    Do I just submit a 1,000 word impact narrative based on my dissertation work?
     You submit in one pdf document: The 1,000 word impact narrative and the paper.

•    Do you need my full dissertation work to review as well?
No. Only the narrativ
e and the paper.

•    Do you hold the rights to my dissertation work even if I do not win your award?
     We will not have any rights to the papers submitted for consideration.

•    Is anything written published if we win or just the video that is published?
 Winners will present the paper in video. There will be no written text published, so no conflict with publishing it in any                       academic journal.

•    Do you have examples of past winner’s impact narrative?

     Winner of 2022
     Marija ROGLIC & Florence Palpacuer
     For the paper: “Playing the scales to protect public value: The story of the Pelješac LEADER initiative”


•    I have not presented my paper at a conference yet, is that okay?
     Having presented the paper at an academic conference is mandatory. 


•    What if my paper is already published or submitted to a journal?
      The papers can be submitted for review to any journal after submitting them to the prize, but they cannot be already accepted        for publication elsewhere at the time of submission to the prize.

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