May 6th 2020 -  Pre-conference PhD Incubator


Rising Leaders in Leadership Research: The Exeter PhD Incubator at IPLS

This incubator is a hands-on workshop that has several aims. First, we will help PhD scholars and junior faculty to develop papers that are in progress and new ideas for future research, drawing on the expertise of leading scholars in the leadership field. Second, we will discuss the current state of leadership research and explore where the field is moving to, as well as consider new avenues for research. Finally, we will have several “provocative debates” with experts debating hot topics such as “Publish or perish: the way to go or dated model?”, “Is endogeneity the end all and be all for making causal inference?”, “Transformational theory is dead vs. long live transformational theory!”. Join us for a creative, interactive workshop which will provide an excellent opportunity to network with other PhD students, junior faculty and leadership scholars in the field.


The PhD leadership incubator is sponsored by the Exeter Centre of Leadership which will award a Rising Leaders Best Paper Award at the end of the event.


The pre-conference workshop is free of charge but spaces are limited so if you are interested in participating please register for it through the registration form.